At Sustology, each engagement is unique, and we work closely with our clients to provide the most value.  Our array of services is outlined below.  We work on a project or retainer basis.  Please contact us for an initial consult, scope or pricing options.

Sustainability Strategy Development, Implementation and Communication

You are expanding your facilities and want to do it in a sustainable way. Or, you want to become more sustainable but are just not sure where to start.

We have experience and knowledge that can inform your decision-making process. Whether you are just starting out or are earning accolades in the press for sustainability efforts, we can provide cost/benefit analyses and help you prioritize investments that make the most sense financially, set goals, track metrics, and tell the story.

Sustainability Diagnostic

You are interested in becoming more sustainable.  You think it’s the right thing to do for your company and employees, and it might save you money too.  But  you want to fully understand the costs and benefits before you begin.  

Our Sustainability Diagnostic identifies opportunities to save money - primarily in the areas of energy, water, health, materials, waste and maintenance - and become more sustainable based upon your operational goals.  Our broad, holistic experience makes us efficient and effective in developing a short and long-term plan that provides the best return on investment for your organization.

Climate Action Plan

Your organization is concerned about climate change and how its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are contributing to it. You don't know where to start.

Our Climate Action Plans begin with a Carbon Footprint Analysis, measuring and analyzing your data and relative impact.  Then, we help your organization develop and implement a strategy to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, with real metrics and a prioritized plan of action.

Sustology works with iMatter, a national non-profit organization that empowers passionate youth to press for meaningful climate action in their cities.  For cities developing climate action plans in response to iMatter's Youth Climate Report Cards, Sustology donates a portion of the proceeds back to iMatter. 

Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR)

You want a succinct and transparent story that tells your stakeholders where you are - and where you want to go - on relevant sustainability metrics.  

We utilize the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Framework in our sustainability reporting work.  GRI is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that promotes economic, environmental, and social sustainability by setting the standards for sustainability reporting.  Not only do we know where and how to obtain the data needed for this type of reporting, but we also make the data comprehensible and compelling.

LEED Gap Analysis

You are unsure if your building can be LEED certified, or you want to understand the investments of both time and money LEED certification would require.  

Our LEED Gap Analysis is the first step.  This is a feasibility study that helps clients determine the costs that would be associated with each level of LEED certification (Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum).  We help pave the way for a smooth LEED certification process and set expectations around sustainability goals.

 LEED Operations and Maintenance 
(LEED O+M) Certification

LEED is the green standard for facilities, and you want to get in the game.  You know it lowers operating costs and increases the value of your property.  Or, you have already achieved LEED certification.  You need help with recertification as you continue to improve the sustainability of your operations.   

The lowest cost and highest impact rating system, LEED O+M provides the best framework to implement sustainable investments and adopt sustainable operations and policies. LEED O+M focuses on actual building performance, so we can quantify and prove the value of sustainable investments.  Sustology has managed the LEED certification of over 4.5 million square feet, so you know you are in capable hands.

Energy Star

You want to understand how your building performs compared to similar buildings.  Maybe you are required to enter all utility data in Energy Star and don’t know where to start (Minneapolis is requiring all buildings > 50,000 square feet to enter all utility data into Energy Star). Or, you just want to understand your building’s contribution to greenhouse gases.  

We can set you up in Portfolio Manger (the online Energy Star tool) and train you or your staff in on it so you can measure and manage your energy consumption.