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“Sustology developed and made the case for the Target Center Green Roof and Stormwater Utility Fee Credit System, two of my proudest accomplishments at the City of Minneapolis. Both are innovative precedents showcasing how Minneapolis is pioneering sustainability internationally—Sustology made it possible.”

Lisa Goodman - Ward 7 Council Member, City of Minneapolis

City of Minneapolis


The Target Center, home court of both the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx, is a multi-purpose entertainment facility, hosting concerts, exhibitions, and family shows throughout the year.  When the Target Center’s black tar roof was in need of replacement, the City of Minneapolis approached Sustology to envision and analyze more sustainable options with increased environmental services to the City and downtown core.


Sustology was retained by the City of Minneapolis to conduct a feasibility analysis for wind, solar, and green roof options for the Target Center. After considerable analysis, Sustology determined that the arena was best suited for a green roof due to the multi-faceted benefits it offered, both economically and environmentally.  These benefits include reduced heat island effect, increased real estate value, habitat creation, stormwater mitigation, increased roof longevity, reduced energy consumption, and marketability.  The green roof has decreased stormwater fees thanks to a City of Minneapolis Stormwater Utility Credit that was also developed by Sustology. The Credit is designed to incentivize properties with large stormwater volume runoff (i.e., those properties with large impervious surfaces like parking lots and roofs) to deal with stormwater onsite. To incentivize investment in green infrastructure, like the Target Center green roof, the City now credits property owners on their stormwater bill for a quantity or quality reduction in volume or pollution loads. At its opening, the Target Center roof was the fifth largest green roof in the world at over 2.5 acres or 110,000 square feet.

The Bottom Line
The Target Center green roof is expected to save the City of Minneapolis approximately $6 million in operating costs over the next twenty years, setting an outstanding example of the City’s commitment to the environment and responsible stormwater management.