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“Sustology’s sustainability diagnostic and metabolism analysis lead to eye-opening and inspirational opportunities to move 510 Groveland into the 21st century.”

Christopher Hoffer - President, 510 Groveland Associates

510 Groveland


510 Groveland is a beautiful seven-story cooperative residence built in 1926 by Morris T. Baker and located in the stately Loring Hill district of Minneapolis.  The main 510 Groveland building, a former hotel, is now home to luxury condominiums and one of the Upper Midwest’s premier restaurants and bars, La Belle Vie.  Founded in 1985, 510 Groveland Associates is a cooperative association responsible for the ongoing maintenance and operation of the building and surrounding property.  510 Groveland retained Sustology to assist in energy efficiency and stormwater runoff issues.


Sustology provided a pragmatic feasibility analysis of building improvements related to energy efficiency and stormwater management.  Some examples of recommendations include lighting upgrades, sub-metering, and installing capacitors to reduce peak demand charges.  Sustology specifically addressed the storm water runoff issues related to a lower parking entrance, leading to plans for a major green roof and patio area that will provide much needed outdoor space for building residents, solve stormwater issues, and reduce utility bills.

The Bottom Line
Sustology’s analysis enabled 510 Groveland to make informed decisions about how to best proceed with infrastructure improvements onsite, with environmental and financial savings to their bottom line.